Home Cleaning Tips For Patio Furniture Fabric

Home Cleaning Tips For Patio FurnitureCleaning patio furniture fabric has stumped individuals for quite some time. This is especially true if the fabric that is used on the furniture pieces has been sewn to the cushioning that it covers, and does not come unattached from the cushion. In all actuality, it is really quite simple to clean the fabric that is on the outdoor furniture that you use for outdoor living.

In many cases, you can simply use products around your home to accomplish the task of making your outdoor furniture pieces come alive and look new again. Here, I will provide some easy solutions on cleaning patio furniture fabric.

One of the first steps that you can take to get all the stains out of your furniture pieces is to take about two tablespoons of baking soda to about half a gallon of hot water, and mix the components thoroughly. Once you have done this, take a hard bristle cleaning brush and set it in the solution. While it is setting, you should turn on the water hose and thoroughly wet down the fabric.

Once all areas of the fabric have been wet down, take the scrub brush and work it around all sides and areas of the fabric. Every once in a while, you should rinse the fabric and clean out the cleaning brush. This should be done over and over again until all areas of the fabric are cleaned to your satisfaction, then, hang outside to allow the piece to dry in the natural sunlight.

The next method involves using lemon juice and vinegar. You should combine a half a cup of each to one cup of hot water. This type of solution should be used on patio furniture fabric that has some really tough stains. You may use this solution on pieces that have mold and mildew buildup and other dark and tough stains.

You will perform the actual cleaning much like the first method listed here. Get yourself a hard bristle cleaning brush, and get the water hose and wet down the cushion and then use the solution until you are satisfied with the overall results.

Simply rinse, and hang to dry. Once the pieces have completely dried, it is time to place the patio cushions back on outdoor furniture bases. As you can see, cleaning patio furniture fabric is not nearly as difficult as it seems. All it takes is a little creativity to get your outdoor furniture looking new again!

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